One of the main tasks of the dealer in the casino is to mix and deal with the cards with which the players bet and play the different games. For example, in blackjack, the dealer is the rival to beat. For the player to win the game, it is necessary to obtain a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21 points. On the other hand, in roulette, the dealer acquires other functions, such as placing the chips on the mat.

Pay players

The dealer’s mind must be quick, alert, and insightful. In a matter of seconds, you have to know who has won the game and calculate the winnings of each player individually. Therefore, they need good mathematical skills. In the case of roulette, the dealer must calculate the benefits of each bettor if the ball has fallen into the number bet.

Conflict resolution

Any dealer with years of experience will have among their experiences many conflict resolutions by the players. Losing is not always well assumed by the players, and the dealer must calm the spirits of the player who has lost.

Help the player

Without a doubt, helping or advising the player is among the most important responsibilities that a dealer acquires during his workday. He must attend and advise whenever the player requires it.

Security measures

Thanks to the dealer’s experience and track record, they quickly detect any cheating or illegal tactics in the game by players. Obviously, casinos have security measures such as surveillance cameras. However, the first security filter is the responsibility of the dealer. Ben Affleck was expelled from a casino for counting cards in the game of blackjack, a totally prohibited practice. It was the dealer himself who noticed.

Decision-making capacity

As we mentioned earlier, a dealer must have an analytical and quick mind. In a matter of seconds, you must know if the player has won or lost the game, and in the case of winning, how much to receive. Delays in payments or decision management can adversely affect the reputation of the casino.

Characteristics and curiosities of a dealer

    • One of the most important features when hiring a dealer is that it has no criminal record. That is why it is increasingly common, and in many countries, it is an essential requirement that they have a special license to work in casinos.
    • This is not always the case, but the first role a dealer plays in a casino is usually related to roulette. Later and when they gain more experience, they continue with the dice. In the United States, apprentices learn to play blackjack before starting to work in casinos.
    • One of the most controversial issues surrounding the dealer profession is whether or not they should accept tips. One considers accepting gratuities can benefit the player. However, the firmness, loyalty, and commitment of the dealer to the game and the casino is unquestionable.
  • Due to job responsibility, dealer breaks are often frequent. Dealers usually work throughout their working day at different tables.

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